Quickly find the right professionals that are ready and able to do your job right away.

how quikifi works


1. Tell us who you need to find

You search on Google, and find one of our partner websites.

2. We organise free quotes

We locate up to 3 service professionals to quote your job.

3. Choose the right person for the job

Compare the quotes, and choose the one that is right for you.

Tom – “Highly Recommended Carpenter”

Let us do the running around for you

Take the hassle out of trying to find local tradies, who are willing to turn up and do your job. We quickly find and organise the 3 qualified and recommended professionals. Simply because you have better things to do with your time.

Independently verified professionals

All providers have been sourced on immediate availability and have been phone verified as highly recommended professionals. This is done by an independent third party, so rest assured we will only send over the best.

we save you all these hassles

Organise 3 Quotes

If you have ever tried to get a tradie to turn up to your place, then you know how hard it can be just finding someone who is not busy. We work our magic for you.

Field Emails & Phone Calls

The constant toing-and-froing of trying to get the tradie to your door, is something you don't have to worry about. We field all the pre-quote phone calls and emails. You just need to meet them onsite to discuss the quote. Too easy.

You Choose The Best Quote

After we have processed the 3 quotations, and sent the summary to you, all you need do is choose the best one to hire. Nothing could be more simple.

Find First Available #$?!%

We know how hard it is to track down a trade professional that is available and needing the work. So don't spend hours or days even when you can leave this hassle to us.

Get Them To Actually Turn Up

The pro's we send your way are very motivated to do your work. You can forget the "standups" of the past - Quikifi professionals are highly motivated. Guaranteed.

You're Ready To Hire

Once your choice has been made, you pay the initial fee to secure your booking. The remaining balance is paid directly to the trade professional.

get more out of your day

If you are renovating, you have no time to spare. Let us help you become more productive. Quikifi - stop searching - start finding. Today.